Monday, 25 April 2011


Fail my life.
I've been SOOOO frigging busy I have totally totally neglected my blog.
The thing is I've shot about a thousand editorials and been putting the final touches to Issue 4 of P&P (which is looking SICK... it's had an amazing facelift and I can't wait for everybody to seeeeee...)

I've had some fun commissions and there are exciting shoots coming up in the next month... but right now it's Stylist's Purgatory... when you have a gazillion stories that are inching their way to print really slowly and you can't show anything and so you look like a right slob and like you've not been up to much but it's the complete opposite!

So here are three pixelated peeks at three stories I really enjoyed shooting... Ganguro Hannah, Techno Chav Thomas and Biker Boy from Outer Space- Axel.

I'm currently in the graphic designers' office putting the glittering finishing touched to P&P, but the issue should be in shops by mid June. The rest we'll just have to wait and see...

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