Monday, 7 March 2011

Meow Meow

Oh that clever tricksy Tisci has only gone and done the best collection I think i've ever seen...

I love a bit of Givenchy and have been really into what Riccardo has developed in the dusty old house... the only thing is sometimes it gets taken a bit too seriously. It's not Tisci who gets his knickers in a twist. It's more like the Marilyn Manson effect... Manson is a showman, a genius, a comic, a camp icon - it's only when pale maudlin teens with attitude problems take it all a bit too seriously that things get dull and somebody ends up dead. This is my problem. So many po-faced fashion people have taken the Givenchy gothicness so seriously it loses all its sexiness and misses the point (this is a whole other story but i'm sick of really young fashion people - like 21 year olds, having proper sour faces and acting like the weight of the world is hanging off their Burberry sheathed shoulders. In being so desperate to appear sophisticated... the overall effect is quite the opposite... fashion people who are obsessed with taking themselves really seriously... just end up looking silly.)

Well to get back to the point... I love the Tisci touch but people seem to take it a bit too seriously... well no chance of that this season. Oh god when I saw that panther print stalk down the runway by heart was lifted and I just smiled and purred. Try wearing a purple riding hat with ears with a face like a smacked arse... you fools! This season Givenchy is so vibrant and full of full on sexy fashion fun. I'm obsessed with a Gianni-esque print and to see the whole 1992 Versace vibe remixed by Tisci in the form of sheer silks, smart little skirts and sloping shoulder varsity jackets. I was drooling from the first exit. The purple green and yellows are perfect accents against Givenchy-black and only in the hands of somebody as skilled and high taste as Riccardo could this 90's romp appear so completely relevant and chic.

Mr Tisci proves something I am positively evangelical about. You don't need to be SOUR to be CHIC. You don't need to only wear black to be clever. You can have fun and be smart, and you can be funny and be fashionable. I think all the anally retentive little fashion queens pretending their black h&m turtlenecks and topman tuxedos are bloody Jil Sander should be forced to watch this collection on a loop and face up to the fact that their bobbling black high street fine knits are simply a thin veil masking from the world their insecurities. Be bold. Smile. Let loose. Relax. Wear a tight little skirt and varsity jacket covered in panthers. Celebrate Riccardo Tisci's genius. Long Live Givenchy!

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