Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I'm a bit late in the day sniffing this, but today I got my first whiff of Byredo's collaboration with graphic designers M/M. I knew to expect 'ink' in the smell having read all the regurgitated press releases masquerading as 'articles' (shame on you lazy lazy beauty editors.) On a dash through Liberty on my way to a meeting, I saw the Byredo stand and couldn't resist a squirt. I usually douse myself with Rose Noir whenever passing through (sometimes with an extra spritz of Fracas or Bandit elsewhere on my person, so I have that distinct old-rich-lady orbit of clashing florals. After a supermarket sweep style raid on Liberty I swear there's a pink mist surrounding me as I purposefully swish out of there without buying anything.) So anyway I got to the Byredo counter and saw the M/Mink bottle and grabbed it greedily with my hungry little fists. I acted with caution at first, using one of the tester-blottor-strips but fanning it under my nose it wasn't quite right, not enough and empty-smelling without skin to dance on... so I opted for the full immersion technique- pumping the bottle furiously before a sales-person noticed, feeling a wet cloud dampen all around my head, neck and face.

Like a cowbell the ink clanged and donged in my nose: a syringe of mercury shooting right up the nostrils. It was instant love. The distant tinny note I love so much in Comme des Garcons perfumes was hurtling up towards my brain, a revelation. The hit of ink (maybe if I hadn't expected it, I wouldn't have been able to pinpoint the smell as 'ink', but after it's been suggested, it's hard to define it as anything other) then gave way to smokey curls and spicey bits and I think a deep resiny amber underneath. I read the base note is patchouli leaves and you really get a lot of warmth from them, crunching underfoot. It's been sat on my skin now for about 8 hours and it's been doing this lovely flickering, like a candle - changing ever so slightly flitting back and too from the danker, more grubby side of things to the lighter, metallic-ozonic rasp. M/Mink smells like wet, electrocuted ink. It's really expensive, so i'm either going to have to save my pennies or just dart into Liberty every time I need a fix, which is looking like it could end up being daily...

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