Sunday, 19 December 2010

It takes a legend to make a star

I just went to see Burlesque and it was 100% entertainment. Christina had her make up applied properly for once, and didn't have that grubby slightly sticky look to her she usually has... And Cher... Oh my goodness. Cher in this movie is absolute perfection. Her acting is even better than her singing and I don't know if we've just being exposed to it for long enough to become acclimatised: but her face is just gorgeous... not weird or Pete Burns-y... just fabulous and surprisingly expressive. She wear s a LOT of glittery eyeshadow. Her interactions with Christina are really wonderful- the Momma/Ingenue relationship is playful and affectionate and Cher is such a natural actress. I was really happy to see her character is really powerful, and an un-faded icon. She is a seasoned professional who can still belt it out but she's also happy to see young talent rising below her, and happy to embrace, nurture it and let her proteges take the limelight. She isn't at all tragic or bitter. There's a scene where Cher teaches Christina how to do her make up and it's just a gorgeous piece of cinema. Christina- you looked so gorgeous, please remember this when in the future you're tempted to smear on your usual engine-grease-OXO-cube concoction.

The musical numbers are big and brash and there's lots of rhinestone nipple-pasty wiggling, and they're great but Steve Antin tries to make a few too many Fosse references and that's fairly ridiculous - like Take A Break magazine 'doing' Steven Meisel... It's a sparkly razzle dazzle romp, and there's nothing wrong with that but it's hardly Cabaret or Sweet Charity...

Cher you are amazing. I'm definitely going to come and see you at least two more times in Burlesque on the big screen.

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