Thursday, 2 December 2010


On Tuesday I met one of my all time super dooper heroes: Mr John Waters

He was launching his new book Role Models at Dover Street Market. I've already read it- it's brilliant. He basically just devoted whole chapters to people / things he loves. The Little Richard, Comme Des Garcons and Baltimore chapters are my favourites. The way he writes about Comme and describes his own collection of polyester-deconstructed anti-fashion fashion it so genius. Weirdly you can totally imagine him and Rei totally getting on and being bezzies. Dover Street was a weird setting. Fitting for the whole Comme association (John was decked out head to toe Comme, in a festive tartan patchwork) but all those WET namby pansy vacant shop boys were just stood around pouting looking like right lemons. It's weird- they get great girls (and some great boys) with loads of character and style working in Dover Street but most of those boys are so lame and boring and PRISSY. They just don't get Comme. Also it was a publishers event and the crowd was 80% horse and so far removed from John Waters' universe. Nevertheless it was amazing to see this God of Gaud in the flesh, and mumble "I love your jacket" to him. He entered the room and saw me and the gang I was with and went in that brilliant Baltimore accent "Oh my GAWD now I feel underdressed." I got my old copy of Crackpot signed and he chuckled "Oh I haven't seen this one for a while!" and when my friend gave him a tube of glue as a gift he whispered "did you steal it!"

In honour of John's trip to the UK I paid a visit to Sami Knight at Nina's Hair Parlour in Marylebone. Sami is a total hair wizard and I can't wait to shoot with him. He slapped some bleach on, shaved my sides and then covered the whole thing in pure yellow pigment. ZING. As a special treat as we were going straight on to see John at Dover Street, he set my hair like a cartoon teddy boy. It's Crybaby meets Divine in Pink Flamingos. J'ADORE. I'm seeing John perform This Filthy World tomorrow at the South Bank - twice in one week! SPOILT.


(above: an old drawing I did of Divine...)

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