Saturday, 4 December 2010

Barbra Streisand has a shopping mall in her basement...

"Along a cobblestone-paved, antique-lantern-lit “street,” a collection of turn-of-the-last-century-style shops beckons “customers” to step inside. Traffic is heaviest during screening parties, when the Sweet Shop does brisk business dispensing licorice, frozen yogurt, and popcorn to guests. Before going out to a dinner party or a friend's birthday, Streisand likes to duck into the Gift Shoppe to pick up a present—a soap dish or a pair of candlesticks—and tie it up with pretty ribbons at the wrapping table"

WHAT!? Harper's BAZAAR just profiled Babs about her insane house, where she has created her very own shopping mall in the basement.

"While most of the stores offer stock that comes and goes, the Antique Clothes Shop is truly a museum. Paneled in lavender-painted boiserie, it displays some of the star's most famous costumes, including her "People"-number gown from the Broadway production of Funny Girl, made of green chiffon over pink silk, with little beaded balls on the sleeves."

Weird no? Regardless of her interior decoration quirks, I still love her. She mentions in the piece she's finally going to get around to writing her autobiography, which is going to be amazing. Funny Girl.

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