Monday, 29 November 2010

Pink Friday: Ambivalent

Oh Nicki, we were all so so excited...
It kills me, but after all that amazing guest rapping (good enough to make me not only listen to, but actually enjoy...< to a Kanye song) ... After the best song of the year (Massive Attack - NOT the wet 'Your Love') After the green hair, pink hair, Harajuku Barbie outfits... the anticipation... Pink Friday, devastatingly; is actually a bit limp.

There's so much droning drively sniffly wet blanket smooth-R&B-pop. Pop in it's worst form: completely unoriginal and indistinguishable from any commercial radio filler. WHY!? Nicki clearly knows the Power Of Pop - as demonstrated with Massive Attack. Great Pop in its purest form blasts everything else out of the way - it unites not only on the dancefloor but IRL: channeling the energy and force of a generation. Pop changes the world. Unfortunately a lot of Pink Friday doesn't stand a chance.

In my fantasy world, Pink Friday is actually just an EP, Tracks 1-3 (or if really pushed...1-5.) The first three tracks of the album are so fabulous, i'm just going to pretend they're the whole album, and give Pink Friday...

FIVE monsters out of five. I'm perfectly willing to be this delusional and forgiving for Nicki as she's clearly a genius, there's just some sort of record label interference going on. When she raps it's amazing and when she's bonkers it's so brilliant and fresh. This is my favourite Nicki quote i've read so far, from The Guardian:

"Roman's a little gay boy who lives in me. And every time I talk he sort of just appears and I tell him, 'Roman, you know, stop it, you've gone mad, I tell you, mad.' He's an outlet to say what I need to say but sometimes don't want to."

Arggghhh love it! Roman is the Roman of Track 2: 'Roman's Revenge' - my favourite song on the EP and sort of favourite song of all time at the moment. Even though it's got Eminem on it! I still j'adore! 'Roman's Revenge' shows Nicki's mad rapping off the most, and the lyrics are great. I especially love the chorus "Raah! Raah! Like a Dungeon Dragon." One thing that's really in the track's favour is its breakneck speed. It really shows up the mid-tempo slurry that makes up the (now forgotten) rest of the album. Nicki totally outshines Eminem and finishes the track with a hilarious faux British accent pretending to be Roman's worried mother. I love it so much I made you this gif:

Lil Kim (obviously an influence of Minaj?) has taken Roman's Revenge to be a diss and replied with 'Black Friday' (in which she tells Nicki to "go stick your head in a tornado - BRAINSTORM.") This feud has only just got going...

Anyway. I hope what happens with Nicki Minaj is sort of like Gaga- I mean there's actually lots of crap filler on The Fame, and then when she reached her position of power within Pop, she was free to experiment and produce genre-busting songs that expanded the Pop landscape much further. Maybe Nicki just wants to get a commercial album out there to hook the masses, then once she's got everybody's attention - shit on em (see Pink Friday Track 3.) Maybe next year she'll have everybody in raptures waving their poo in the air (again, see Track 3 - 'Did It On'em.)

For now i'm content with three great tracks, and i'm a total KenBarb (Nicki's pet name for gayboys - cute!) But I expect to hear some really interesting B Sides and future guest raps... and who knows maybe a bitch fight duet with Lil Kim??? That would be GOOSE.

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